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SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Winners announced

Thematic Songwriting Competition - recurrence: monthly
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by Mister Fox »

Added your song as bonus entry @A Future in Noise. Pity that you didn't make it in time this month.

But I hope you can gather some feedback regardless :phones:
Hope to see you again next month!
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by EsteveCorbera »

Here are my comments and votes.
Mr Fox, will this one also write us comments? They are always welcome ;)

Arelem - To the top
Welcome Arelem to the challenge!!
Effects and sound environment well integrated into the song. The voices are well crafted and you apply interesting effects to them. I like the effort of recording the voice and composing the lyrics. I wouldn't know.
The first feeling I had was that I was making little use of stereo space. I found it too focused in the middle.
And the beginning is too abrupt. Maybe a little longer and with a longer-lasting fade-in.

Ferjansenson - Out Of Control
Certainly, as you say, the subject begins dark and becomes cheerful. I like it very much. The background effects of the threatening sirens, with the rhythms that are added to the party are very good.
I like the sound that starts the first rhythm around 0:23 as it puts it in space, a little far from the listener. Too bad that when the other rhythm appears around 0:54, it loses prominence and gets lost in the theme (maybe too much compression?). Curious the sirens that make rises between the various parts of the song. Very well found!!
To make some criticism I would say that in the end maybe it gets a little repetitive.
It seems to me that you have not adjusted the peak levels well.

Gruskada - Eerie Day
Curious proposal. And amazing after reading the references you make to Michael Jackson, Mozart and Herrmann, and so on. I have not been able to detect them.
The beginning looks like a firecracker, which is also good for a celebration.
There's a time when you miss peak levels.
The stereo distribution of the instruments makes you really within the band.
After listening to the song several times, I'm left with the feeling that maybe it's too aggressive. Too shrill at times.
There is a moment when a bass drum sounds (0: 35-0: 42 approx.) Which then disappears from the subject and is missing from the rest of the subject.
Trumpets sound unreal.

György Becsei - Madrugada
You always surprise György !!!
Curious proposal.
The combination of interesting side effects. Good use of the panorama. The part sung by the girl is very difficult to understand, luckily you put the lyrics because, despite knowing Spanish, I didn’t understand it.
The part sung by the boy does not bind me to the part of the girl.
I like the part of the trumpet, which sounds below.
Very good video. Where do you get these videos from?

Zavier Night - Wicked Stimulation
Welcome you too, Zavier!!
Difficult topic. No apparent melody (I won't see it). Lots of sound effects, distortions, modulations are a bit crazy, but I think that gives a very personal tone to your proposal. So much experimentation is fun and all. And it is also threatening.
It lacks thickness at the bottom of the spectrum.

EmeraldArcana - Spooky Good Time
When the voices come in for the first time they don't just tie me up, it looks like we're going straight into the chorus part, but a previous part is missing. I don't know how to explain it. I might have put those initial voices between the other two vocal parts. I don’t know, it’s an opinion only.
Of course, I really like the other part.
Piano chords are too basic and repetitive.

Celiodie - Autumn
You can really go out for a walk through the autumn landscapes with your theme.
I really like the piano and the cello as they draw the melodies.
The initial guitar / bass that doubles the piano melody, doesn't tie me too much. Maybe too much delay between the two tunes. Instead in the final part they read more.
The vintage sound looks good on the proposal. It reminds me of Rick Wakeman's great work on Henry VIII's Wives.
I just worked on the song and got ready to release it on a CD, because the song is really cool. I listen to it and I see that you can convey a lot of emotions. The piano and cello help with that.
In this challenge there are great composers.

AfutureInNoise - Smash The Pumpkins
You made me laugh at the beginning of the song. The strange sound that travels through the sound space.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
I found it very funny. Too bad you didn't have too much time.

Scores are always unfair, but you have to vote. In this case, I give more points to the songs that I liked the most, without taking into account technical aspects.
(translated with google)
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by emeraldarcana »

EsteveCorbera wrote: ↑Sun Oct 17, 2021 01:05 CEST
"Autumn Parade"

We have a Jazzy, funky number, with lots of guitar, brass, bass, and electronic percussion. This gives me acid jazz vibes.

Very clear guitar line chromatic-sounding bass, which sounds a little off-key until the percussion arrives, but it's satisfying when it comes together. Around 2:34 I might have liked a bit more of a break away from the main riff. The song has some really nice improv lines.

Arelem wrote: ↑Tue Oct 19, 2021 18:51 CEST
"To The Top"

We have a hip-hop track with a nice rap.

The initial sound - the howl was a little harsh on my headphones, to the point where I felt like I wanted to turn down my headphone volume. The lyrics are interesting. The rap is delivered solidly with good vocal processing. Beats and bass are mixed well, they are punchy and impactful. I did notice that we used "rising to the top like an elevator" twice in the first half, which I think might have been a little repetitive. The song also feels like it ends abruptly but I'm not extremely familiar with hip hop styles and this might be typical of the genre. This had a nice polished quality to it.

fjansenson wrote: ↑Thu Oct 21, 2021 14:52 CEST
"Out of Control"

We have a somer, atmospheric piece.

The piece starts with minimalist percussion and sound effects but soon leads into piano and pads. There isn't much of a melody in the song for about the first 40 seconds, but we get really eerie sounding chords and bass, which gives everything a tense feeling. I enjoyed the trance gate pad, and the sound effects, though it sounds more like a siren than for example a wolf howl. The instruments are a little mechanical (you can tell they are sequenced with MIDI) but that doesn't really overall harm the piece dramatically. The harp (?) playing the major arpeggio is strangely spooky, I think it's because it's such a mood contrast but then it doesn't actually go anywhere when we finish the ascending line. I almost wish that there was a drop or some kind of surprise after the second run because it feels like that's where the tension point would be. I enjoyed it.

gruskada wrote: ↑Fri Oct 22, 2021 00:19 CEST
"Eerie Day"

We have a drumline tune in a big-band style.

We start off with marching band drums, brass, and then we get some saxophone. Mixing-wise, it would be good if the instruments were spread out a little more in the stereo field. The drums seem to have reverb on them but there's something about their positioning that gives them an odd artificial quality. The brass has a similar artificial quality, I think that could be remedied with more use of expression/modulation options in your orchestral library. I think that it could have used a higher tempo and some more swing. The song has a fun sound to it, there's a lot going on here and it has an upbeat quality. It gets the marching band sound across and seems like it would have been fun to hear live.

becsei_gyorgy wrote: ↑Sat Oct 23, 2021 23:49 CEST

We have something that feels to me like a pop song.

This is quite strong, the introductory line is really strong, you have a good vocalist who has haunting lines. The intrumental lines are really strong. The production has a clean quality to it but I think could use a slight amount of polish to bring out the vocal parts a bit more - they sound like they could be a bit brighter. That said the performances are really great and we have a good mix of acoustic parts and electronic parts.

Zavier Night wrote: ↑Sun Oct 24, 2021 01:14 CEST
"Wicked Stimulation":

We have an electronic track.

The introduction left me hanging a bit and I wasn't sure what to expect, but we get some big hits and percussion that make things clear. I thought we were going to get a rap vocal line or something, but this didn't come. There isn't a strong melodic line in this, which makes it almost ambient, but I think that's fine, I would describe the mood here as tense. It would actually fit well as the background track for an action scene of a movie, for example. Good use of sound effects to draw user attention. I likeed the break about two-thirds through where we don't have anything other than the distortion and the large drum hits. This was a good journey.

emeraldarcana wrote: ↑Sun Oct 24, 2021 05:06 CEST
"Spooky Good Time"

We have a trance track. I wrote this, so I won't comment on it any further.

celiodie wrote: ↑Sun Oct 24, 2021 19:55 CEST

We have a melodic ballad.

This song gives me a very comfortable, nostalgic feeling. The chords and the instrument choice are very familiar. I thought the harp and piano were good instruments to use. The introductory violin pads could have been more expressive, from a programming point of view. The "plunk" instrument was a little bit dull when it was playing the melody, I might have liked an instrument choice that would have better stood out more. I liked the cello line. The violins around 2:43 sound a little unstable in the mix, I think it's because they've sound like they have been run through some kind of effects. The drum kit that plays at 3:50 also feels like it's been run through a low-pass filter. I feel that for the acoustic instruments, it would add to the authenticity and emotion to leave them less processed rather than more processed. This was quite a long track. Make sure you don't cut off your reverb tail next time! Overall this gives me a feeling of an "ending song ballad" that you might hear in the ending credits of a video game or movie.
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A Future in Noise wrote: ↑Wed Oct 27, 2021 16:03 AST
"Smash the Pumpkins" ( not finnished)

We have a funky session song.

This is some good bass. The presence of lyrics was surprising, but I think it was a good lyric. Very silly. The voice trills are good but I think were pretty essential to the song. This song has a really good drum section, good bass, and a surprisingly catchy melody. I think this is fun and was worth listening to, I am glad that you submitted it even if it was late.
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by fjansenson »

Hello Everyone!!

Here my feedback

Steve Cordera
Autum Parade

I like the guitar riff at the beginning.
The first bass I feel like it goes out of place or tempo (not sure) and feel like that its notes do not match the melody of the Riff.
The second bass, when the Beat comes in, I hear it more appropriate.
The guitar Riff would not repeat it so much so as not to tire the ear of the listener, it would make it come in less times.
Maybe a funky guitar would be very good as a base instead of teh riff, and use the Riff only at the beginning and in the Chorus (maybe at the final part either).
The trumpet sounds great, but I feel like it doesn't improvise or plays the melody with the correct scale or notes of harmony, and that makes a bit of noise for my ears.
I feel like it's a very good idea and it has a lot of potential, but it doesn't achieve climates or Hype. They are all instruments at the same time for a long time.
I suggest to start from the bottom up, adding some instruments and taking out some others and trywhat happens, then go down again and go up at the end.

To the Top

The Beats are very good and I like the Rap style.
The lyrics doesn´t transport me to a Wicked Party.
I like the voice at 1.40´

Eerie Day

I like the rhythm of the drums.
I don't like the trumpet. I like the 0.55´ synthesizer.
I can't quite relate the subject to Wicked Party.
At the end there are some sounds that remind me of those freak parks that I like.

Gyorgy becsi
Early morning

Great audiovisual production. It sounds very professional, the mix and plugins show that they arenot amateurs. Nice resourses and work.
I like the lyrics of the song.
The video is beautiful.
I can't tie it to a Wicked Party, but I'm happy to see and hear it.

Zavier Night
Wicked simulation

I like the beginning. The effects are in generally very good.
It starts very high very soon, I think the Beat would start it later.
To generate climates, from low to high.
I feel like a central melody that tells a story is missing.
With a melody, it would be a great song. Just try to put a main melody and check what happens.

Spooky good time

I really like the beginning. That VOICE is very good and fun for a Wicked Party song.
The time of the Beat fails to convince me.
The main voice is very low in relation to the piano, it cannot stand out.
I like the main melody.
I feel like the transitions from minor to major fail to explode.
And since all the instruments are on the same plane, I can't feel the layers of sound in the mix.


The beginning with the harp and piano does not transport me to a Wicked Party.
The melody is very cute, but it doesn't feels “haunted”.
At minute 3.14 there are some very low betas as lost and a totally different synthetizer from howthe theme had been.
I don't feel the layers of sounds. I feel them all on the same plane, without the one with the melody standing out.
From minute 4 on, the topic changes, and it's as if a new song started. The bass does not feel like it carries the beat and the rhythm loses a bit.
I can't identify it with a Wicked Party.
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by A Future in Noise »

Assessed songs are judged on the criteria of wickedness and party music, among other things. Points from 1-10, where 10 is best. I have not commented on some songs in this post. It's simply because I have not heard a single second of them yet. If I have time, I will return. I will not vote anyway, because I do not participate in the competition, so if I do not comment on all entries, then it should hopefully not be a problem (?).

celiodie: Moving intro. 0:43: Very nice piano sound. To the left, something reminiscent of a fake double bass, high up on the neck? 1:42: Something reminiscent of a cello. This song is long - 08:30 - and in some places the cello (if that's what it is supposed to represent) does not work at all with the piano, which theoretically could be a real grand piano. I guess you're playing your keyboard / grand piano for real, with your hands and fingers? (I myself often write notes with the computer mouse.) The piano sounds far too good in relation to the mysterious cello. Other observations: 3:25: Increased tempo + percussion - possibly a little bit of party feeling here, but only until 4:04. 4:35: New theme, new synth. 5:08: The cello comes more to its right again. 6:35: The piano is more prominent again, sounds good, but the "cello" and the piano do not belong together, as mentioned.

A little too many different parts / themes. When I say this, I analyze from a party perspective! It is not at all impossible that this song could work as relaxation music, it sounds nice in many places. If I were to lie down on the bed and listen again, I would probably like most of it. But I still have an objection - and this does not just apply to this song - namely the many synths that play high notes, and where the synths have many high overtones - such simply tires out my ears. This may be related to the decade in which I / other people started listening to music. A lot of music that is on playlists online uses this type of synths, where together with other instruments there are far too many high frequencies – IMO.

Wickedness: 2 Partymusic: 1

emeraldarcana: Spooky and a bit wicked intro. 0:28: Goodsounding soundscape, nice low frequencies, nice percussion. 0:56: Not really sure if this particular vocoder (?) belongs right here, nor that the tempo is slowed down ... Because there is a long part with (seemingly) lower tempo until 1:53. It's not really what you expect. It is very difficult, at least for me, to perceive the words that are sung. (But I perceived girls are dancing somewhere, which of course fits well in a party song.) 2:25: Different chords - good! (Maybe you could call it modulation?) 3:19: Back to main theme / chorus. I think this could work as party music or music in a bar. The chorus may not be described as sophisticated, but in that case it would not be party music, anyway. As in the case of some other submission, the soundscape contains a bit too much high frequencies, IMO. But maybe this is how it should be, nowadays.

Wickedness: 4 Partymusic: 5

Zavier Night: Wicked intro! Unusual use of percussion and other instruments. And one single low note from a piano? All through the song big variety and many unexpected things happens, which make the composition interesting.

Wickedness: 8 Partymusic: ? (maybe)

EsteveCorbera: As other participants have pointed out, the bass in the beginning is a bit problematic. It seems as it is out of tune, and even from a rhythmical point of view I can't really understand it. I'm not sure what happens with the bass at 0:43, but from there the pieces fit together in a much better way. The trumpets (muted and unmuted) sounds amazingly good. AIR Music Tech Transfuser2 is obviously good stuff! But I think you wait too long introducing them. The guitar riff is repeated a little too often until 1:00, where this song really begins. I guess this could work as party music. Maybe even folks would dance to it.

Wickedness: 1 Partymusic: 6
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by Mister Fox »

A friendly reminder:
We're in the final 24 hours to submit your feedback and cast your vote.

Please don't let yourself be disqualified by not participating. The Songwriting Competition lives from the given feedback towards each other.

@A Future in Noise:
Since your entry is bonus, any feedback is welcome - even if split over several posts.

I might probably not be able to give feedback for this month's game. (see my global feedback for SWC049)
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by gruskada »

Esteve Corbera - Autumn Parade

All the constant dissonance is grating. I actually paused playback on my first listen, as I thought I had another tab open playing something else. This kind of thing can work with passing notes, or even a short section, but it's just really hard to listen to otherwise. Maybe that was the point, but I don't see this being either "wicked party" music or celebrating autumn. Having said that, there are some cool lines here (especially the trumpet), and what's interesting is that if I play the song back in my head, I "correct" for the dissonance and it all sounds good. In any case, I do applaud the bold move.

Arelem - Arelem To The Top

Contest aside, I like the song. It sort of fits with the "wicked party" theme, though the lyrics don't. You do have some clever lines. I like the part at 1:18, but it's a little mumbled and hard to understand. Maybe kill or lessen the vocal effects there, or back off the howling? The slightly detuned piano works well. Good lyrics and rapping.

fjansenson - Out Of Control

I like the siren idea, and the repeating effect starting at 1:08. The song needs something else, though. Maybe not even that much, like an interesting echo effect on the piano, varying drums, or something like that. It just doesn't sound full enough to my ears. The arpeggios part sounds good, and works with the siren.

becsei_gyorgy - Madrugada

This song is growing on me after multiple listens. It's very professional-sounding. Both the female and male vocals are great, as are the muted trumpet lines. I see how this could be a slow song at a wicked party. I like the lyrics as well - thanks for the translation. The gated sound starting at 1:17 is a nice way to add interest to the verses. The song does seem to drag on a bit for me, but that's probably at least partly because I don't speak Spanish.

Zavier Night - Wicked Stimulation

Man this song absolutely nails the "wicked party" vibe at the start (with an awesome drop at :21). Nice drums at :52. The low piano line is simple, but effective. I like the crazy organ(?) at 1:02 as well. You keep it moving well enough at the second drop, but I really wish there was more of the first part after this, because you start to lose me here. Then, you pretty much completely lose me at the more experimental part. I think this could have its place in the song, just surrounded by more of the initial wickedness. You're definitely clearing the dance floor at this point.

emeraldarcana - Spooky Good Time

The odd voices at the beginning are interesting. I don't think this is your intent, but it almost sounds like a mentally-challenged person, though. I'm not digging the doubled instrument / vocal and Auto-Tune type of effect. Regardless, you got a decent party vibe going, just not so wicked. It is catchy, though.

celiodie - Autumn

This definitely fits in with the "celebrate autumn" part of the contest. "Wicked party" and "celebrate autumn" are so drastically different, so I really can't compare songs together, just to how well they fit either theme, then come up with some kind of reconciliation to figure out the places. In any case, this song would be a great theme to taking a walk in the woods, admiring the leaves, and getting lost in thought. The clear 70's theme starting around 3:25 kind of distracts from that, unfortunately, though this part contains some great music. If it were more subtle, like the arpeggios starting at 4:35, I think it would work better. Honestly, I do lose interest a bit after around 5:30, but it still works as a "losing yourself in the music" kind of song if you're in the right mood.
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by celiodie »

Hello to all. Listening to this month's songs was very interesting and stimulating. A great diversity and quantity of different genres and choices. The scoring mechanism does not foresee it but I would have put some songs on an equal footing. But here are the conclusions I reached.

EsteveCorbera Autumn Parade
The debut of the guitar immediately brought me into a pleasant atmosphere but already from the entrance of the bass I began to feel disoriented as it seemed to play in a different key. Even instruments that arrive later improvise following scales that do not belong to the chords. Could it be that you wanted to have exactly this effect? An alienation effect that can fascinate, but is so insistent that it simply leaves you disoriented. In terms of implementation, timbres and sounds are well calibrated and as others have already suggested, however, you should go by subtraction, avoiding overlapping too many parts that always play the same lap.

Arelem To The Top
Although this musical genre is very far from what I do it is from what I love to listen to. I think I know how to recognize a job well done, well built and valid in terms of technical realization. I can't give more specific evaluations and suggestions but I think it is a very good piece.

fjansenson Out of Control
The first sensation is that I receive from the piece it is of a certain pleasantness that caresses the ears even if over time it becomes a bit repetitive. Simplicity is a nice feature but it also requires you to vary the timbres or other contour elements a bit more. Some sounds seem a bit midi karaoke, in particular the arpeggiated which starts at 1'26 "but it could be an effect you wanted to achieve. really wanted that way. Could it be an attempt to evoke some 80's electronic pop sounds? Depeche Mode, and especially Human League or Yazoo? If so, probably the whole realization should be directed more in this direction.

gruskada Eerie Day
Of all the pieces of this month this is undoubtedly the most particular, coming out of very popular genres and types. It is a new idea that must be underlined. Reproducing the sounds of a band and in any case really technically difficult is the challenge here has been partially won but inexorably many sounds are too thin and thin. The writing operation, on the other hand, was decidedly successful, the citations and harmonies are absolutely well thought out.

becsei_gyorgy Madrugada
Very beautifull. Successful melancholy and Latin intent. Very balanced atmospheres as an arrangement and mix. I find only a little imbalance between the female voice, warm and melodious, and the male one a little too thin. It seems that you have chosen to add a fourth under the female voice; good and effective effect, but perhaps it should have been put only on some points and not on the whole part. Definitely the piece I loved the most in this challenge.

Zavier Night Wicked Stimulation
I like the first half, rough and "overload" sounds, rhythm, spooky atmosphere. Then it gets lost, the tension drops, everything gets confused. Undoubtedly if it were a film soundtrack the evolution by subtraction that the piece a could be absolutely justified, however for a listening without images everything is resolved in a decrease of interest and it is a pity.

emeraldarcana Spooky Good Time
There are some good ideas, well-made electronic dance. The composition is ok, the realization leaves a lot to be desired. Too much reverb, poorly defined sounds, and unfortunately even the synthetic voice is not very effective even if for a short time it can be decidedly fun. Let's say that on the level of the idea this is an excellent piece in any case.

A future in noise
A funny piece that brought me back to some particular bands of the 70s. it is a pity not to have refined it more and not to have participated in the challenge. The most characteristic element is the vibrato synth sound very characteristic of the music from vintage films set with witches vampires ghosts…
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


Post by becsei_gyorgy »

Hi, it was interesting to listen to this month's songs, imaginative things were born. Each production had something unique and a good idea.
Telling the truth I don't really like free genre choices so often, because on the one hand no one is forced to learn new things about new genres and on the other hand it is very difficult to compare the end results :). So many different styles came up this time as well.
I’m sorry to be a little sharp sometimes, but I wouldn’t highlight the many positives everywhere (overall I liked the songs :smile: ). I’d rather write about what I would change or where I feel there would be room for a little improvement.

Esteve Corbera: Autumn Parade
The guitar intro loop is nice at the beginning, but the bass doesn't fit the guitar at all: as if playing a completely different - different key, different rhythm.
Unfortunately I have to say it seems much more like randomly thrown loops than a correct composition. Loops of different tempos and different tones.
When you look at the loops in the Transfuser, the filename also includes its key: e.g. your main guitar loop is 'GTR Clean 05 Bbm BF' I think, where Bbm is the relevant information. Next to the filename is the tempo of it (eg. 79 in this case).
Your bass line is an A if I guess right ('Bass Ac 07 A BF' 85).
This two instruments sound pretty weird together.
The first piano loop is a Cm ('Ac Piano 05 Cm BF' 78). And so on... (if I didn’t figure it out exactly, I’m sorry, but it’s quite certain that there are no one common key in this music.)
And there is no problem using music loops in composing, but it only makes sense if we do it in a proper system. I suggest studying basic music theory. 2,5 years ago I didn’t even know what a C major chord was, but knowing a minimal theory is essential for further development.
Because otherwise the instrument choices are good, I like the mood of the song, the structure is also OK, it seems that a very good thing would come out of it with a little effort.

Arelem: Arelem to the top
Undoubtedly halloween-inspired intro - instantly creates the mood.
I like the percussion elements, the vocal is also good.
I can't add much, it's done very correctly, the effects are OK, the flow is nice. I like.

Fjansenson: Out of Control
Interesting intro, nice build (great percussion elements, new instruments appear in proper time).
But the song it's actually quite ambivalent for me: there's an ominous siren, a bit of a tension-inducing intro (very good start), and then a more cheerful, happy chord progression after/with a siren (I don't know if there's danger now or a corporate party, it's weird enough :) - maybe this is the wicked party that was the theme?)
The song's structure is OK, the mix is OK.
But I don't really understand the song and I feel a little few. Both in terms of composition and instrumentation. (In addition to these the mood is neither festive nor scary, and I can’t find a connection to Halloween. - but this is just a bracketed note)

Gruskada: EerieDay
I like the composition, sufficiently maintains attention, varied. I admit, I tried to imagine the song with better sounds and samples because sometimes the sounds are quite thin and artificial. (the cymbal, for example, I would immediately throw it out :) )
And maybe there is a lot of reverb on the drums and little on the brass, as if they were not in the same space.
But it's just the sound and the mix, the composition is an A+.
I listened to it several times and discovered more subtleties: good harmonies, interesting countermelodies. I also like the rhythmic changes.
Overall I really like it, it would be great to hear it with other sounds/samples - even live - a really great piece.

Zavier Night: Wicked Stimulation
Feel the experimentation, the structure is a bit hectic but not confusing. Interesting.
Advice: you can easily turn up the bass, there are very few at the beginning and no more later. Maybe your headphones are very bass enhancing and should be compensated?
The drum outro is very long, without melody is not really interesting, the effects are sometimes weird too.
Good experimentation, there are parts I would keep, but there are some that I would go in a different direction instead. I like the first part better, the first drop is quite good.

EmeraldArcana: Spooky Good Time
Nice intro, good drums, interesting vocal effect.
A pleasant melody, for me more of an 80s vibe than a real trance anthem.
The vocals themselves are sometimes too dry sometimes too wet and often quiet.
3:20- gated synth - loud, suppresses vocals, doesn't really make it to the song, put it in the background all the way (or leave it - under this there is a similar synth melody). Listen 1:50-2:20: the proportions are much more pleasant. The 80s pop song feeling would take the song all the way, unnecessary this second, loud, gated effect at the end.
It would be a very good song, the proportions, accents are a bit slipped in the mix.
Overall I feel like somebody trying to remix a very good 80’s song with a little breakbeat and trance elements, but I still like the original version better. :)
But I really liked it, especially the atmosphere and the interesting melodies.

Celiodie: Autumn
Very nice intro.
1:00- Some L/R panning would be nice.
1:22- I think the piano is completely on side, if you listen in mono, almost disappears.
1:43- great cello part
The composition is nice but a bit dark. Lack of high-mid and high end.
I would try to play with the reverbs, go towards a bit of ethereal feeling sometimes. Or - autumn theme anyway - there could be a little wind: I try to think out loud how can make the song a little brighter. These fall pictures are so beautiful.
Overall nice autumn pictures, I like it, pleasant to listen to.
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC050 October 2021 - Voting until 01-NOV-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


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OK, a few words about the three entries I haven't commented on:

gruskada: My very first thought when I listened to your entry was that this is an indoor orchestra (concert hall). The last time I heard a big brass orchestra IRL, it was in a mid size square (outdoors), and the (natural) reverb must have been very different from yours. But this doesn't matter very much, I liked your entry. It sounds rather authentic (apart from not being outdoors). When I first listened I hadn't read your explanations about Bach etcetera, but I certainly did not recognize anything from that dm fugue. But now I'm gonna listen one more time.

OK, so now I listened again. Well there are some obvious classical elements (probably from the Mozart symphony) and also some kind of scary theme somewhere in the middle (probably from Psycho?) Never mind – I liked your entry. If I was to vote (which I am not) I would have ranked your entry rather high. It's a bit quirky (nothing wrong with that), and there is, no doubt, a scary part included.

Arelem: Believe it or not, but I have hardly ever listened to rap or Hip hop. Your entry sounds very professional to me. That's all I can say.

fjansenson: A few words before the battery in my laptop is empty: The first time I listened to your piece I found it very nice/pleasant/relaxing. And then I thought that maybe, just maybe, you could add one more instrument on the top of the music, exactly as it is, without changing anything else. Then I listen again, and realized that this isn't fully possible. But where the piano is the most prominent instrument (beginning and end?), it would be wonderful with a trumpet on the top of the rest. If you think that I'm talking rubbish, you're free to think so, of course.

becsei_gyorgy: You have received so much good criticism already, and my battery will very soon be empty, so there will be no comments from me, this time. I will try to give you more/better feedback next month.
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