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Community Scramble (SWC053 January 2022) - Sample Collection Thread - Submissions until 24-12-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET

Thematic Songwriting Competition - recurrence: monthly
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Community Scramble (SWC053 January 2022) - Sample Collection Thread - Submissions until 24-12-2021 23:59 UTC+1/CET


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Hello and welcome to the Special Songwriting Competition - Community Scramble (2022)

This thread covers the first part of our yearly recurring challenge - collecting samples - which are then used in the actual Songwriting Competition in January 2022 (SWC053) as basis for every participant. And that also marks the biggest twist of this game - you are only allowed to use the provided samples to create music out of it.

How, is totally up to you. You can use sampling/re-sampling techniques, granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, you can mangle the sounds with modulation techniques. As long as you only use what has been provided by the community in form of sound snippets and/or samples. Vocals can be added on top.

Until January 2021, the use of other sound sources were not allowed. Maybe it's time for a small game mechanic adjustment, to shake this particular challenge up a little bit. If you have always been sitting on the fence with the "Community Scramble" Songwriting Competition, then please join the following conversation as well, and let me know what you think:

Poll: Songwriting Competition - Community Scramble - should we change the game concept?

You can read up more about this idea and the last "Community Scramble(s)" here:
Songwriting Competition - new game idea: Community Scramble
Songwriting Competition - SWC041 January 2021 (Community Scramble)
Songwriting Competition - SWC029 January 2020 (Community Scramble)
Songwriting Competition - SWC017 January 2019 (Community Scramble)

Image Source: Pixabay, photo by Nachrichten_muc, released under Creative Commons CC0


Time Frame: Monday, 01st November 2021 to Friday, 24th December 2021 (54 days)

Sample submission will end on Friday, 24-12-2021, 23:59 UTC+1/CET (Germany) - until further notice.

The deadline is the same as for SWC052. Please check in with the Global Countdown on it's dedicated page or the countdown on the home page. There will be reminders via the Newsletter, Twitter account and Facebook page.

Overall rules: The rules of the Songwriting Competition apply, with the main difference that you're (currently) not allowed to use any other sound source than the ones provided from this sample collection thread.

How to submit sample content:
  • each community member shall ideally provide no more than three (number: 3) self-created sounds, with five (number: 5) being the absolute maximum
  • This must not be from free sample packages, but created by yourself. This material can be synthetic in nature or a Foley type recording (please keep things appropriate!), anything from single hits and stabs, to loops
  • the material must be in 44/24 WAV bar minimum, and 96/24 WAV absolute maximum
  • the material shall ideally not peak higher than -1.00 dBFS to prevent clipping
  • IMPORTANT: bundle the following filled out TXT, which adds full credits to your work (download TXT)
  • the samples and TXT must be packed in a ZIP or RAR, then uploaded to any file storage to your liking (recommended systems that store longer than 7 days, like Google Drive, DropBox, etc)
  • Link to the file in this thread, with some short info what you recorded (basically mirroring what has been written in the TXT)

From all entries, 20 to 30 samples (maybe more) will be selected to be a "starter bundle" for the SWC in question. You(!) can shape the game's overall tone. In order for this endeavor to be successful, we need 10 entries with three to five samples per participant each. If there is not enough material, or not of enough variety, the challenge can not happen as designed. If there is too much material, things will be trimmed down or used for future games of similar nature.

Once the material has been prepared, the game starts on time on 01st January 2022. It is highly recommended to provide material early on, which makes it easier for me to set up things. Thanks in advance.

Let's get creative! :phones:

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