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Photonic - Amazing Readers Music (Amazona Interview, German)

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Photonic - Amazing Readers Music (Amazona Interview, German)


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I found the following out of pure chance while taking a closer look at the analytics for the Mix Challenge audio community.

I would like to give a shout out to Mix Challenge 005 song provider/client @Photonic, who is also a community regular and multi-winner of the mixing challenges (6 times 1st Place as of March 2021).

The following German interview gives a spotlight on Manfred Wasshuber, better known to us as "photonic", how he started with making music, why he had to stop, his re-found passion for making music and how he is now an avid supporter and regular of the KVR Audio "One Synth Challenge", not to mention his hobby Astrophotography.

Image Source: Amazona.de, photo by Amazona/Mannfred Wasshuber -- image has been hotlinked

You can find this interview here:
Amazona - Amazing Readers Music: Manfred Wasshuber alias Photonic (February 2021, in German only)

Once more a huge thank you to @Photonic for offering us one of his productions for the Mix Challenge, and being a continuous supporter of everything the Mix Challenge has been doing since it's incarnation.

Please check out Manfred's music and photography work here:
Photonic - SoundCloud account
Astroimages - by Manfred Wasshuber

Also a huge thank you to Amazona, giving us a link-back to the Mix Challenge audio community

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