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Feeling the song-writing blues?

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Feeling the song-writing blues?


Post by FredWhite »

Ok, I've been in the band scene for a long time and one of the most under-rated things is song-writing. Truth be told, its one of the hardest things to do. Shredding and strutting you guitar SKEELLZZ is easy coz you just have to practice and practice to master it. Song-writing is something else. Its HOLY **** stuff that demand time and attention. YOu can just be writing some back-street boys track and expect to make it big as a band. It takes creativity and artistry - and finese. SO OK. Pretty intimidating but also challenge that can inspire musicians to take it UP A NOTCH. text to speech converter

My say basically is when your sick and tired of hearing the same thing and covering the same song OVER AND OVER AGAIN. go pick up your guitar and ready a pad of paper and a pen. write something original. it'll seem like crap compared to the stuff Maynard writes (Tool and A Perfect Circle). or do you even dare to equal Thom Yorke (Radiohead)?? NO YOU DONT HAVE TO EQUAL any of them. thats the point of song-writing. you dont have to follow anybody else and that gives you all the freedom to do your OWN thing.

yeah. just do it. and if your starting to feel pressured, give it a rest and give your fav bands a good listen and try to figure out how they became as great as they are now. yeah. then go back to writing.


hope that helps other fellow song-writers out there.. lemme know your thoughts on this.. i'm always open. ;)
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