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Mix Challenge - 6th Anniversary

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Mix Challenge - 6th Anniversary


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Dear forum member,

today we're celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the Mix Challenge.
Not only the game that turned into namesake of this page, but also this audio community as a whole.

Image Source: fotografierende via Pexels, released under Creative Commons CC0

We have once more lapped around the great fireball in our sky (aka: the sun). Time sure flies. It's been six years since the Mix Challenge started (June 2014 on KVR audio). "6th Year" was a wild ride, with the first time ever exceeding 100 participants for the Mix Challenge (March 2020). The Songwriting Competition also gained more traction, although I really hope to finally have 15 participants on average during the rest of 2020. The community is still growing as well, which makes me really happy. Who knows, maybe we'll exceed 1000 members this year. If not, over 850 users, makes me more than happy.

I can nothing but thank everyone that has been (and still is) a part of this community. From our song providers, to license sponsors, to the monthly participants, to all very generous patrons, to all those that go the extra mile and spread the word about this community (please continue doing so - but please also have a focus on the Songwriting Competition, which deserves just as much love).

Without you, I think this "idea" would have wilted long ago. Thank you!

Here is to "year 7" :tada:
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