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MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Winners announced

Join the Mix Challenge - recurrence: February until December
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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by kirurg »


Here is my submission

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fjz5fkto0o96p ... g.wav?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/149xc30jm188a ... g.mp3?dl=0

Every track and/or group has Slate Virtual Console Channel and EQ.
Vocals, piano and guitar are sharing one room fx which is UAD Ocean Way.
There is (Waves) Reel ADT fx in piano.
Guitar solo having additional short delay. Tried to make
bass and kick kind of soft sounding, a transient shaper used for these a bit.
Vocals and guitars are the most compressed ones but the rest made with pretty
light compression/limiting. OH and Room has multiband compression.
Few tracks having Soothe vst (dynamic eq) also UAD bx_refinement plugin, these two
help reducing harshness.
There is compressor, EQ and tape saturation on masterbus.
Volume automation used in many places.


kevin gobin
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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by kevin gobin »


Interesting challenge!

I did my best to focus on the feeling of a live band performing in a club, in order to serve the video.

I would have done a totally different mixing with less reverb for an usual mixing.

This is mixed in Reaper, using a little 2bus compression and 2 reverbs: a room bus and an early reflections bus.

Everything else is mostly Eq and volume automations, and some stereo spreading.

Good luck everybody.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bm0tonso539yc ... n.wav?dl=0

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by canese »

Hello mixers,
Have a listen of my track, feedback is appreciated.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nixg9alxb05ne ... e.mp3?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/050vcam24cqvq ... e.wav?dl=0


Started mixing from the drums, then added the bass, e-piano, guitar, pads and vocals. When the level and paning was okay, I started adding EQs to cut low frecuencies. I tried to put all the drums in the center to give the impression it was comming from one place and I think it suits the style also. I put different amount of compression in every track. I put a flanger in the e-piano to give it more motion and a little phaser in the pads. I sidechained the bass and the e-piano because I heard too much low frecuencies from both. I also pitch-corrected the vocals. I put reverb in mostly every track. Finally I automated the volumes and reverbs. For the master bus, I put a compressor and EQ to cut some low-mids and boost the high end.
Not much to say in respect of tempo. It was very accurate, but choruses were a little too slow, so I added 3 BPM to give more energy to them.

Good luck!

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by TanglewildStudio »

Greetings, hope everyone is doing well. You guys are doing a stellar job with your mixes!

Here is my entry:

The process,

First of all, I love the recordings of this, they were very well done, so I tried to be subtle with my EQ, but I first checked each track for things such as issues with dynamic range and resonant frequencies. Then I set the levels of the tracks around the vocals. Then I EQd the vocals first to make them sound as close to the end product as possible. Once I did that, I tried to fit all the instruments around them. After that had been done, I sorted the tracks by what was close and what would be considered farther away from the listener, and applied a buss reverb to the organ, piano (rhodes I'm assuming?) and guitar. Lastly, I scanned the frequency spectrum for instruments that popped out of the mix more than they should at specific frequencies, and fixed them.

I hope you enjoy!

Wav, 24bit, 48000hz
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ru9or ... PrH1MATx52
Audio Editing, Mixing, and Mastering for Music and Film

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by vintage »

Thank you for this new opportunity to mix another musical universe!

Here is my mix proposal, the most natural and analog with depth and dynamics, no pre-mastering in WAV 24BITS/48Khz + MP3-320KB

Peak value: -1.76 dB
Average RMS: -17.62 dB
DR: 12.38 dB

WAV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-q5Sff ... sp=sharing
MP3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-IlDaT ... sp=sharing

I use the most:

On all tracks: Acustica audio "CREAM 2 PRE"

EQ: Gulfoss, Fabfilter pro Q3, Acustica audio "GOLD 2"

Reverb: Waves "ABBEY ROAD PLATE" lead vocal
Reverb 2: Waves "ABBEY ROAD CHAMBERS" lead vocal
Reverb 3: Fux "IRCAM VERB"

Gt Bus: Acustica audio "EL REY" comp.
Vocal Bus: Acustica audio "ULTRAMARINE 4" comp, PA "Magg EQ4"
Piano/organ Bus: Flux "SYRAH"
Drums Bus: Overloud "670 COMP", Acustica audio "N4 Alexb ATE"

Mix Bus: Acustica audio "N4 AlexB R88 console"," PURPLE 2 EQ"

DAW: PRESONUS STUDIO ONE 4.5, Monitors KEF LS50 - Hypex Amplifier., Audeze LCD 2 classic, Waves abbey road studio 3 in addition for some adjustment.

Good listening to all,

from Brussels

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by TomFernsby »

Hello, this is my first try to take part in mix challenge. Looking forward to constructive feedback!

WAV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ImVbx ... RpzYbFU8mN
MP3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EQdgd ... wqYDa1LrqE
Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FKhnn ... tkf40KcvHf (session, mix view and some plugin settings).

The song is beautiful, it was pleasure to listen to it several times. The drums were biggest challenge, as IMO the room sound was much bigger than what I'd image in club. However, the kick sounds quite sharp and I liked more the sound from room mic, but that would bring more of big ambience...
  • Kick - Pultec-style EQ, boost and cut at 30 Hz
  • Snare - compression - first through Magenta (should be opto-compressor, compressions about 2 dB) and then compression through ReaComp. I probably forgot the forst compression, thius is why it is compressed twice. At the end, there is slight saturation.
  • I separated snare parts with rimshot to another track.
  • Drum buss - Major Tom, which should be emulation of DBX160, then gentle dip at 5k and then tape emulation ToTape5, to give the drums more bottom end and make them less harsh.
  • Voice - a bit of EQ, opto compressor and goes to 4 sends - one delay and 3 reverbs - one is ValhallaRoom and other 2 are IR. Send amount changes between verse and chorus to give impression that chorus is louder and room is more excited by the voice. Reverbs were hi-passed on 595 Hz so that it does not swamp the mix.
  • Other instruments have mostly increased highs or a bit of low-cut.
EQs used: Acustica Audio Magenta, Acustica Audio BigCeil, TDR Nova

Greetings to everybody

Tom Fernsby

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by Snarowitz »

I thought the original mix was really out of place in a small jazz club, mostly due to reverb. So using Pro Tools as my DAW I created a more natural and intimate soundstage using subtle parallel reverbs from Soundtoys Little Plate, and Studio Reverb. I used the original mix as reference for tonality, and adapted that aesthetic to my ambiance. I used a very small amount of compression on most tracks to even out the performance and add a touch of character (Waves CLA-2A, CLA-76, API2500, PuigChild, Avid D3, McDSP 4030). The EQ I used was Fabfilter Pro Q2. Ran the mix stems OTB and through some analog comps doing very little compression to add some warmth (DBC20, Volfram, SSL).

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BSpckM ... sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/199olO_ ... sp=sharing

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by Arthur Labus »

Hello everybody !

NLS Channel (Neve) on every track. Tracks set to 0 VU. Izotope Neutrino on every instrument bus.

Variety Of Sound Thrillseeker VBL u-he Protoverb (just a hint) on bus
All instruments done with bx_console N except OH and room (Waves TG1234 console)

Waves CLA Bass with lot of distortion
Overloud GEM EQ550 for extra air
Waves Scheps 73 clean bass setup

Waves CLA Vocals

Soundtoys Radiator for grit, Waves TG1234 console
Send -> Waves Abbey Road Chambers

Black Rooster Audio Cypress TT-15 amp clean
Voxengo Stereo Touch

Waves CLA Guitars

extra drive with Waves NLS, Sonible smartEQ2, digitalfishphones endorphin compressor, u-he Protoverb

Waves TG1234 console, Ozone Imager, Overloud GEM EQ550 ans A1Stereo Control to collapse the low end to mono.
Send: Variety Of Sound epicVerb just for the last chord

Master Bus:
NLS Bus (Neve), Waves TG1234 subtle eq, Density MkII compressor (glueing, almost none GR), Prime Studio Charly Limited analog gain, Toneboosters Barricade Limiter (just for sure), Youlean loudness Meter

Round 3 dB headroom and -17 LUFS loudness.
WAV: 48kHz/24bit MP3: 320 kbps

MP3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ijb-T ... RDOAYAIMJF
WAV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=149oRi ... E3_dTcTgNS

Good succes everybody !

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC057 August 2019 - Submissions until 21-08-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST


Post by maxovrdrive »

Thank you Dirk Mallwitz. Lovely song... I enjoy working in this genre.

Here's my mix...
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m72qU ... bHSilJK0Iq

MASTER BUS gluecomp/air
DRM BUS gluecomp/eq/sat
.....KICKAUX comp/room/transient/eq
..........KICK transient/eq
..........SUBKICK created a parallel channel
.....SNR eq/comp/verb
.....SNR PAR eq/comp/eq
.....HH eq
.....TOMS AUX sat/eq/comp/eq
..........TOM2 eq
..........TOM1 eq
.....OHM sat/eq/comp
.....OHLR sat/eq/comp
.....ROOM sat/eq/comp/eq

BASS BUS eq/multiband
.....BASS overdrive/rcomp/rbass

.....RHGTR comp/amp/eq
.....GTRSOLO eq/comp/spatial/fx

.....PNO eq/tremolo/spacial
.....STRINGS eq
.....ORGAN comp/eq

VOX BUS deesser/comp/eq
.....VOX SAT
.....VOXVERSE eq

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