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MIX CHALLENGE - General WIP Feedback

Join the Mix Challenge - recurrence: February until December
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MIX CHALLENGE - General WIP Feedback


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This pinned thread is a supplement to the Mix(ing) Challenge

Are you still fairly new to mixing? Are you stuck with your entry for the Challenge?
Do you feel like you did something wrong, don't know what it is, but you don't want to submit your entry yet (as the entry is final)?

Then you're at the right place...

How this thread shall ideally work:

The concept of the Mix Challenge is "learning by doing", but even very experienced mixers are sometimes stuck with something on occasion, or want a second opinion on a possible render issue. This thread is especially aimed at participants that are unsure if their mix is right and/or something happened during exporting.

What this thread is not about

It is not about posting during every game to get as much guidance as possible before submitting an edit. This thread is not supposed to be a "what effect would you use?! Here is an A/B" or "help me how to mix this, give me tips" (aka: hand-holding). There are so many mixing tutorials out on the Internet, in magazines and on various audio communities if you're really new to mixing.

If you know how to mix, but don't have that much experience with a client-to-business scenario yet (which the Mix Challenge is simulating without any repercussions) - try to look beyond the borders, experiment, go by your gut instincts, take a risk and learn from your mistakes (post first Mix Round feedback).

Really only use this thread as absolute last resort if you feel that something went really, really wrong.

Else, please, have fun in this thread. :phones:

  • please be polite to each other
  • ideally only update the original links of your edit (and link back to them) rather than spamming new links
  • really only use this thread as last resort if you have a feeling that something in your edit went terribly wrong

 ⚠ Moderation Message from MIster Fox  
This thread is a test run for a couple of months.

If this thread is misused as a "I'm new to this, help me how to mix" rather than a "I feel there went something wrong with my mix" scenario, especially on a frequent basis, I'll take the liberty to lock and remove this thread again.


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