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Poll: Songwriting Competition - limited tools challenges

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Should there be more "limited tools" challenges for the Songwriting Competition?

Poll runs till Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:59 pm

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Poll: Songwriting Competition - limited tools challenges

Post by Mister Fox » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:03 am

Finding a suitable premise for the Songwriting Competition isn't always easy. However one of the many ideas that seem to come up ever so often, is a so called "limited tools" challenge.

Some of the Mix Challenge community members might know such games for example through the "One Synth Challenge" that is held on the KVR Audio community. Here, the main idea is to use only one specific synthesizer as main sound creation tool for every sound source (instruments and percussion), and then create a production out of it.

On the Mix Challenge forum, we did have the occasional "limited tools challenge" as well. For example, in one early Mix(ing) Challenge it was mandatory to incorporate a specific trance gate while mixing. In June 2019, SWC022's twist was to use an AI backed generation tool to start your production, and then build upon it. And finally, we have the recurring "Songwriting Competition - Community Scramble", where you're only allowed to use the community sourced sample content. However in this case, you are not forced to stick to certain tools or "one synth only", but you can still use whatever tool is at your disposal to create a song out of it. Which I think is the biggest appeal on this, as you can be way more flexible and creative.

As you can see, I really do not want to go the "One Synth Challenge" route with this. But considering the sheer amount of outstanding free samples and tools on the market at this point, I'm wondering if there would be an interest to spice up the game ever so often. By that I mean, that you're forced to include a certain synthesizer / sound set / sample package and/or effect plugin into your production.

The main idea here is to pull you out of your comfort zone a bit. Make you look beyond the borders. And maybe find the occasional new "toy" for your future productions.

Which leaves us with the main question of this simple poll, which I'd like to be answered until the 24th January 2020:

Would you be interested in this?
Should there be more "limited tools" challenges?

But please don't just click on "Yes" or "No" and then move on. Please also give feedback to your reasoning. I want to gather some more input here, build upon the ideas. The Songwriting Competition is all about "creating something in the first place". Help me (the staff) make future games interesting to you, and maybe even others that you'd love to forward this to.

Thank you for reading.

:idea: POLL INFO:
The poll will run until 24th January 2020 11:59pm GMT+1/CET. You can cast one vote. You are able change your vote until that deadline

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