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STEMS from "Okay" by Latrell James (via iZotope blog)

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STEMS from "Okay" by Latrell James (via iZotope blog)


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Today, I got a new STEM package for you to take a closer look.

This one was forwarded to me via iZotope's newsletter. Is is the song "Okay" by songwriter Latrell James, and distributed through iZotope via their blog entry "iZotope Sessions". There is no clear license given, so it's probably mainly for education purposes only. The package features two folders: wet stems and dry stems. The wet stems can be seen as "guide tracks" or "prepared tracks" so to speak. Just combine all of the tracks and play around with the mute buttons in your host, maybe create something new in the process

Mix Package is 444 MB, extracted 1294 MB

More via these two links:

phpBB [media]

https://www.izotope.com/en/blog/artist- ... james.html
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