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Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary

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Mister Fox
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Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by Mister Fox »

Dear forum member,

today we're celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Mix Challenge audio community.

Image Source: Pixabay, image by Gerd Altmann - Mix Challenge logo by staff, Mix Challenge 2024

We now have officially passed the 10-year mark with our small community. And what a wild ride it has been so far. What once started as a small recurring thing on KVR in 2014 has developed into a quite the interesting endeavor. As of this moment, we've reached 98 Mix(ing) Challenges and 82 Songwriting Competitions, with more in the pipeline.

Last year was not without its ups and downs either. Something I talk about in more detail in a follow-up post in the coming days in a separate post. However, I think the biggest and most notable change has been a more constant flow of information. Be it through our Discord server (and the automated news there), or the new and more visual newsletter engine.

I can only reiterate my gratitude to everyone who have been (and still are) part of this small community. From our song providers, to our greathearted license sponsors, the monthly participants, to all the very generous patrons, to all those who go the extra mile and spread the word about this community, the cross-community support and collaboration, etc.

I would also like to thank all of you who have kept in touch via email or direct message. Those of you who have kept the conversation going, sent words of encouragement or just a general "thank you for offering this - please keep up the good work".

Without you, your help and words of encouragement, the Mix Challenge might have vanished quite a while ago. Please keep up the good work, reach out, share knowledge, interact. Thank you ever so much!

Let us please raise our mugs / glasses (with your favorite beverage in them) and wish our small community joy and all the best.

Here is to "year 11"! :tada:
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Re: Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by APi_ZZ »

Hi @all,

knowing this enterprise only since a few month, I've learned to admire the excellent organisation and the professional exchange. :smile:
So -- from my side -- good luck for another ten years! :clap:

Andreas (APi_ZZ)
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Wild Card x2
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Re: Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by JeroenZuiderwijk »

Happy anniversary!!!
Many thanks for keeping this challenge going and your hard work. Wouldn't want to miss it. I've been participating for some time now and I am always looking forward to the moment the new challenge start. I hope there will be enough songproviders in the future. I'll keep an eye out for potential providers.
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Re: Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by elements »

:phones: 10 years!
I’ve only discovered this place very recently and I wonder where I’ve been not to have been here earlier.
A very special location on this web.
Here’s to another 10 years and beyond.
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Re: Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by Jorgeelalto »

Cheers Roland, hope everything keeps going well in here :)
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Re: Mix Challenge - 10th Anniversary


Post by scottfitz »

Happy Anniversary to the Mix/Songwriting Challenges forum! Mister Fox, you are a real hero, I sincerely hope you can continue to run these competitions. Thanks also to all the contributors of music to the Mix Challenge, there has been so much great quality music in the last 2 years. I owe a lot to the Mix Challenge which a lot of the time I feel like is a module of a university course on mixing where you are assessed every couple of months on all different styles with group feedback and artist feedback, together with some expertise from Mister Fox and often the contributors also. However on the university course, we'd all be paying thousands of dollars to be there.
Cheers All.
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