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Homepage Maintenance and Forum Cleanup

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Homepage Maintenance and Forum Cleanup


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Mini Update:
  • overall "user account cleanup" (automated) stage 2 started (CW41, Calendar Week 41)
  • "user account purge" process of "Sleepers" still in second stage (non-responsive accounts will be purged without further notice on 15th October 2021)
  • new signed-up accounts that have not been activated 7 days after sending one reminder, will be purged without further notice

Please also see:
Announcing - forum clean-up operation / "(unused) user account purge" (Q4 2021) - (updated: 12-OCT-2021)

EDIT (10:05 UTC+2/CEST):
There has been a faux-pas with the "Reminder Engine". The automation had a hiccup in the middle of sending out the first mails. I had to manually reset everything. Due to this, some of you might have gotten two mails. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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